The production of 'Bullet Time' was quite an adventure! Started back in 2011 with some first brainstormingsessions, quick sketches, and a lot of bad ideas, a first draft of the storyboard was finished in 2012 to pitch the plan. Then a crowdfundcampaign was launched and succesfully ended at Christmas 2012 (what a present that was!)

However, due to several technical difficulties and other productions, the production was set on hold. But around october 2015 we finally were able to continue working on this 5 minute western!

The film was almost entirely drawn by hand with ink on paper, except for a few shots that needed extra 3D features. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but at the end of 2016 we finally finished the production.

Take a look at these productionpictures, that give some insights on the making of 'Bullet Time', a film that was made with lots of love and passion!

© Merlijn Passier Productions/Frodo Kuipers 2016